Finishing/Nursery Herdsperson

Major Purpose:
To play a critical role within the Finishing/Nursery Team to accomplish the daily, weekly, and monthly goals set by both production and R&D staff. Provide necessary survival needs and care to the animals residing in the finishing/nursery department. Provide accurate and timely data collection in the finishing/nursery area. Be an advocate for Choice Genetics, our policies, and procedures.
Detailed Descriptions:
1. Provide basic survival needs for the pigs.
a. Check that proper levels of food and water are delivered to each pen of pigs.
b. Provide the proper environment for the pig.
c. Ensure daily observations are properly recorded on door sheets.
2. Provide vaccination at the proper vaccination intervals and timeframe.
3. Provide treatment to pigs when necessary and record.
4. Disperse pigs into their proper pen configurations when placed in nursery each week.
5. Disperse pigs into their proper pen configurations when placed in finishing each week.
6. Tag and weigh pigs during the ontest workflow each week.
7. Move pigs to the feed intake (FIRE/PPT) barn each week.
8. Weigh pigs that have reached their 120-day interval (interval weight workflow) each week.
9. Move selected boars from their finishing pens to the boar holding area immediately after selection results are available and report new locations.
10. Move selected gilts from their finishing pens to the GDU immediately after selection results are available. Report new locations.
11. Immuno-castrate non-select boars immediately after selection results are available.
a. Boars must be recorded as immuno-castrated and tracked by group in the database.
12. Maintain accurate inventory at all levels of production.
a. Scan tags of boars when loaded to a market truck.
b. Scan the tags of weaned pigs sold from the nursery to properly inactivate them in the computer.
c. Scan tags of finishing pigs sold early as roasters.
d. Scan and record tags of pigs that have died.
13. Provide timely and humane pig euthanasia when necessary.
14. To assist with loading/unloading of customer sales and market animals within your department, and other departments when called upon.
15. Perform necessary maintenance in a timely fashion.
16. Ensure cleaning and disinfection protocols are met throughout the finishing facility.
17. Assist with helping deliver animals during the CT scanning processes.
18. Provide any other expertise or duties that will help the company achieve its objectives.

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