Farrowing Herdsperson

Major Purpose:

To play a critical role within the Farrowing Team to accomplish the daily, weekly, and monthly goals set by both production and R&D staff. Provide necessary survival needs and care to the animals residing in the farrowing department. Provide accurate and timely data collection in the farrowing area. Be an advocate for Choice Genetics, our policies, and procedures.

Detailed Descriptions:

  1. Provide basic survival needs for the pigs.

    1. Deliver lactation feed, check water, and provide creep feed where necessary.

      1. Ensure feeders are clear from non-fresh feed.

    2. Provide the proper environment for the sows and the piglets.

    3. Ensure daily observations are properly recorded on door sheets.

  2. Provide vaccination at the proper vaccination intervals.

  3. Provide treatment to pigs when necessary and record.

  4. Maintain animal flow.

    1. Sows are moved into and out of farrowing on specified schedules.

    2. Nurse the proper numbers of pigs per crate.

    3. Wean sows and piglets according to specified schedule.

  5. Provide early piglet care.

  6. Daily processing of piglets according to current protocols, providing accurate data collection.

  7. Provide timely and humane pig euthanasia when necessary.

  8. Scrape behind sows pre farrow and up to day 7 post farrow.

  9. To assist with loading/unloading of customer sales and market animals within your department, and other departments when called upon.

  10. Ensure necessary maintenance is carried out in a timely fashion.

  11. Provide necessary cleaning and disinfection throughout the farrowing facility. Clean hallways, alleys, and crates are expected.

  12. Provide any other expertise or duties that will help the company achieve its objectives.

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